Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Stinging Nettle

I would like to introduce you to something I just met. This is stinging nettle. Why is it called this? Because the moment you touch it or even brush up against it, your skin is stinging. In fact, it is stinging for about 3 days after you meet it. As I was sitting down to take some photos, I noticed that my leg started stinging really bad. And the only thing I could think, was that it was resting against this beautiful, vivid plant. I quickly took a shot of this because I had no idea what it was. My first thought was poison ivy. But I had a slight recollection that its leaves didn't look like that. I gathered up my things and headed home to google my new find. Sure enough not a beautiful vivid plant! But Stinging Nettle. I am happy to report that my leg is doing fine now and sportively taking me to new and exciting photo opportunities.

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