Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mary Janes

These were my daughter's shoes. Used, loved, worn, carried, lost, found, worn out, worn again, until finally there came a point where we had to say goodbye. But there will always be a special spot in my heart for these shoes. I took this picture so she can remember how much she loved these little sparkly red mary janes. And so I can remember just how little and precious she was at this time in her life. She is a miracle, a joy, a blessing, a sweet sweet little girl.
She even wore them when they were too small for her. The backs are blown out from her feet betraying her heart, and growing too big for her to ever wear them again. But she tried, oh how she tried! My precious little girl, how I love her. If it weren't for the miracles of modern medicine we would've lost her more than once. I am so grateful we live in this modern age where I still have my little girl, and that she can still wear out her little shoes. I can still hug her, squeeze her, love her, teach her, laugh with her, and play. Life is a miracle.

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  1. I'd frame these little shoes! They are darling, actually almost look like antiques, and the sweetness and memories behind them are so special. Also Mommy, I bet they have little, red, sparkly Mary Janes somewhere on line in the next size up. And I bet there's a very special little girl who would love to wear them! Childhood slips away so quickly, prolong it as long as you can! Thanks for the post and the pics. <3 from M. ;)