Friday, September 17, 2010

A Heart of Stone

A while back, I was in a bit of a quandary. A life altering one if you will. I was in a dark time. A place where one cannot dwell for too long, or the soul will wither away. As I sat on the beach listening to the waves crash in, I felt hope. Renewal. As if the ocean was whispering to me. "It will be ok". I was struck with a random and odd thought. If I can find a rock on this beach that is shaped like a heart, then I know everything will be ok. It will ALL be ok. As I stood up I took about 3 steps and glanced down to a place I know I had already looked at before and thought nothing of. There in that spot was a beautiful, and glorious rock. A rock, that was shaped just like a heart. Not the perfectly shaped red and pink frilly ones you see on Valentine's Day, but one that has seen joy, sorrow, despair, beauty, love, hurt, merriment, solace, and affliction. A human heart. It was a most pleasing sight to behold for my own heart knew, that ALL WOULD BE OK. And it was. And it still is.

I have a new pursuit now. Everywhere I go. Every beach I visit. Every park I pass by, I cannot leave until I have found a heart shaped rock. And do you know what? I have never failed. For the promise that was whispered to me on that dark day of despair, continues to whisper to me that ALL WILL BE OK each and every time I pick up a new heart shaped rock. Oh what a glorious find each and every time. And I am the only one who knows of it's true promise.

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