Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mary Janes

These were my daughter's shoes. Used, loved, worn, carried, lost, found, worn out, worn again, until finally there came a point where we had to say goodbye. But there will always be a special spot in my heart for these shoes. I took this picture so she can remember how much she loved these little sparkly red mary janes. And so I can remember just how little and precious she was at this time in her life. She is a miracle, a joy, a blessing, a sweet sweet little girl.
She even wore them when they were too small for her. The backs are blown out from her feet betraying her heart, and growing too big for her to ever wear them again. But she tried, oh how she tried! My precious little girl, how I love her. If it weren't for the miracles of modern medicine we would've lost her more than once. I am so grateful we live in this modern age where I still have my little girl, and that she can still wear out her little shoes. I can still hug her, squeeze her, love her, teach her, laugh with her, and play. Life is a miracle.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Material Joys

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Every time I look at it I feel blissfully happy. In fact, it is my Facebook profile picture, my laptop desktop picture, and my wallpaper on my phone. I didn't know why I felt so happy every time I looked at it at first, so I really really pondered on this for a few moments (didn't take long). And I realized that these are the two material possessions I have earned with my own money made from Chickadee Bead Art. My very own business that I started and have grown steadily since March. Is it bad to have such a love for something material of this world? Is it shallow? The boots have been on my wish list for awhile now. I had a picture of them on my computer so that every time I got frustrated or burnt out with my business, I would see these boots and be inspired to keep on keeping on! It must have worked! I now own them along side my new Martin guitar!! It is the stinkingest cutest "little Martin" I have ever seen, but it has large beautiful sound! So not only are these my two most favoritest material possessions in the whole world at the moment each one represents me in a different way. Each one brings me joy in a different way.

My boots. I am a boot girl. Have been since I was little. I LOVE BOOTS!! I hate hate hate being cold, and going through the winter months here, but the one thing that gets me through it is knowing that I can wear ALL my different pairs of boots all fall and winter long. It must be an addiction, because I think I have at least 12 pairs right now that I can think of off the top of my head. This must be genetic because my Dad is a BOOT man. He has rows and rows of cowboy boots in his closet. I used to love to try them all on and walk around in my daddy's boots. I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of gray boots right now. When I find them, you know I'll be taking a picture of them! There's something about boots that makes me feel taller, stronger, prettier, braver, and just plain cute!!

My guitar. I have had a lifelong dream of learning how to play a guitar. It is has been just that, a dream, for so long. I decided this year that I was FINALLY going to learn how to play. I searched for a teacher and was blessed to have found the best one ever. She is amazing, and has such a gift for teaching. I have only been playing for about 2 months now and already can play a few songs, "Everybody" by Ingrid Michaelson, "Life Uncommon" by Jewel, and "We Are Going to Be Friends" by Jack Johnson. I bought this guitar because it's smaller, and my fingers seem to do better with it. I LOVE IT!! It is beautiful. There is nothing quite like the sound from a Martin. And it's MINE!!!! I love playing, and practicing. I so very badly want to be able to just play anything and everything I want to. And sing loud and feel free. I know that time will come. Right now, I can be patient and keep practicing though. One of my favorite things to do is head to the park and jam with my girlfriends in crime. I am just so full of joy every time I pick up my guitar to play. I can't believe I am finally fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams. I am so blessed to able to right now. And now, all this talking has made me want to go and play, so I am out of here!! Peace out!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Stinging Nettle

I would like to introduce you to something I just met. This is stinging nettle. Why is it called this? Because the moment you touch it or even brush up against it, your skin is stinging. In fact, it is stinging for about 3 days after you meet it. As I was sitting down to take some photos, I noticed that my leg started stinging really bad. And the only thing I could think, was that it was resting against this beautiful, vivid plant. I quickly took a shot of this because I had no idea what it was. My first thought was poison ivy. But I had a slight recollection that its leaves didn't look like that. I gathered up my things and headed home to google my new find. Sure enough not a beautiful vivid plant! But Stinging Nettle. I am happy to report that my leg is doing fine now and sportively taking me to new and exciting photo opportunities.

Free to Be Me

I have mentioned before, I have a secret hiding place. There is a path that takes me to this place. On this path is my favorite tree in the whole world. It is the one without any branches. Without any leaves. It is the one with arms outstretched yelling, "I'm Free! I'm Free"!
This tree makes me smile. Each time I pass by I give a wink and a nod, and say "yes tree, you are free."

A Heart of Stone

A while back, I was in a bit of a quandary. A life altering one if you will. I was in a dark time. A place where one cannot dwell for too long, or the soul will wither away. As I sat on the beach listening to the waves crash in, I felt hope. Renewal. As if the ocean was whispering to me. "It will be ok". I was struck with a random and odd thought. If I can find a rock on this beach that is shaped like a heart, then I know everything will be ok. It will ALL be ok. As I stood up I took about 3 steps and glanced down to a place I know I had already looked at before and thought nothing of. There in that spot was a beautiful, and glorious rock. A rock, that was shaped just like a heart. Not the perfectly shaped red and pink frilly ones you see on Valentine's Day, but one that has seen joy, sorrow, despair, beauty, love, hurt, merriment, solace, and affliction. A human heart. It was a most pleasing sight to behold for my own heart knew, that ALL WOULD BE OK. And it was. And it still is.

I have a new pursuit now. Everywhere I go. Every beach I visit. Every park I pass by, I cannot leave until I have found a heart shaped rock. And do you know what? I have never failed. For the promise that was whispered to me on that dark day of despair, continues to whisper to me that ALL WILL BE OK each and every time I pick up a new heart shaped rock. Oh what a glorious find each and every time. And I am the only one who knows of it's true promise.

Fiercely Protect It

I have a new secret hiding place. A place that calls to me often. A place I love to visit where I can find peace, warmth, inspiration, and beauty. It is a short walk to get there, and along the path there are many interesting, and sometimes hair raising sites. As I was leaving this said place one gloriously fine morning I happened to glimpse an appalling scene. Where my soul had just been filled with delightful goodness from Mother Nature, she had not been so kind to this once free fluttering dragon fly. My flesh tingled with goosebumps as I witnessed this horrific display of nature. I know this must be, I understand that spiders have a right to eat too, but it was a reminder to me of how precious life really is. How you must never let your soul get squished, never let your spirit be trampled by all of those rapacious spiders of the world. They are there, they are everywhere spinning their webs of deceit, hostility, and jealousy. Fly above them and be free. Free to be you. Who you really are, who you really want to be. And if you do, those spiders won't have any power over you

Friday, September 10, 2010

Free as a Butterfly

Have you ever wanted to be a butterfly? Flying around free as can be, no cares or worries, enjoying the colorful flowers all day and not wearing clothes so there is no laundry to do, and drinking sweet nectar all day and never ever getting fat. You could just fly around all day and make people happy. How would it be to live your life as a butterfly.